Opreating General S C RLY FLY Leaf 1/2011 

Circulars of Pay Commission VI


Circulars of Pay Commission IV

Circulars of Pay Commission V


Circulars of Pay Commission III

Pass Rule Circulars


Indian Railway Master Circulars


Education Allowance Circulars


Indian Railway Manuals and Codes


Railway Board Vigilance Circulars


Commercial Circular


Accounts Dept. Circulars


Staff Benefit Fund Circulars


Gold Plated Passes Circulars


Holiday Home Circulars


Dress Regulation Circulars


Ex-Gratia Paymenn Circulars


Canteen Circulars


Commercial Freight  Rate Circulars


Commercial Freight Marketing Circulars


Finance Dept. Circulars


Health Dept. Circulars


Tourism Circulars


Works Dept. Circulars


Stotes Dept. Circulars


Traffic Transporrtation Circilars

Master Circulars D & A


Master Circular - PROMOTION Gr C to B 


Rly Servants (Discipline & Appeal) Rules


D & A Rules Circulars


Conduct Rules Circulars 

Establishment (G) Circulars


Establishment (P&A) Circulars






E(NG)-I Circulars

Ex-gratia Payments Policy


Establishmet EO-III Policies


Establishment EO(II) Circulars


E(GC) Circulars


E(NG)-II Circular

Classified List - IR Gazetted Establishment


Information regarding facilities available to Handicapped


Persons Pt.-1/5 ; Pt.-2/5 Pt.-3/5 ; Pt.-4/5 ;Pt.- 5/5


Report of the Fast Track Committee on Loco Running Staff includingMotormen