Reservation Rules

A. Objective:
1  ________________ is competent to issue caste certificates in Andhra Pradesh.
2. Reservation for SC/ST in allotment of quarters is ______________.
3. _____________% of reservation is provided to OBCs in recruitment.
4. As a concession to SC/ST employees _________% of vacant quarters should be earmarked in allotment of quarters.
5.  A single vacancy in a selection may be reserved for SC only. (say true or false)
6. Single post in a __________ cadre may be filled on regular basis without applying reservation.
7. Instructions regarding post based roster for promotion in Group C and D categories are also apply for promotion from Group C to ______ and within _______ categories.
8. Any fresh creation of work charged or revenue posts of Assistant Officers may be added to the fixed cadre strength of _______ and rosters expanded.
9.  The basic principle of post based reservation is __________.
10.  After introduction of post based reservation, it is still permissible to fill up a post reserved for ST by a SC candidate by exchange. (say true or false)
11.       There is a ban on dereservation of vacancies reserved for SCs,ST and OBCs in direct recruitment. (say true or false)
12.       If the vacancies reserved for SCs/STs/OBCs cannot be filled recruitment, they shall be carried forward as backlog vacancies to the subsequent recruitment years without any limitation. (say true or false)
13.       The income limit to exclude socially advanced persons from the purview of reservation for OBCs has been revised to ______ gross annual income.
14.       Before appointing a person belonging to OBC category, the appointing authority should ensue that the person does not belong to __________ on the crucial date.
15.       The %age reservation for SC/ST/OC for each Railway in recruitment of all Group C and will be _____, ______ and ______ respectively.
16.       As and when the Railway servants are summoned by the National Commission to attend any hearing, they may be spared as on duty. (say true or false)
17.       When SC/ST candidates apply for the non-reserved posts, the applications of candidates with only _________ as postal charges may be allowed.
18.       When SC/ST candidates apply for the non-reserved posts, age relaxation is not allowed. (say true or false)
19.       When SC/ST candidates apply for the non-reserved posts, are they eligible for the free pass facility?
20.       The ceiling of _______ % reservation for SC/ST on total number of vacancies will apply only on vacancies that arise in the ________ year.
21.       In respect of backlog/carry forward of vacancies, the ceiling of 50% will not apply. (say true or false)
22.       The duration of pre-selection coaching for SC/ST candidates for selection to Group B posts should be for _________ weeks.
23.       SC/ST employees empanelled through selection/LDCE without relaxation will be treated as _________ vis a vis those SC/ST employees empanelled with relaxed standards.
24.       Recognition to more than one SC/ST association may be considered favourably. (say true or false)
B.        Descriptive:
1.         What are the important features of the Post Based Rosters? How many types of rosters are there? What are the points to be kept in view while preparing rosters?
2.         What are the various concessions extended to the employees belonging to SC/ST communities in Railway right from recruitment to superannuation?
3.         What do you mean by the scheme of best among the failed? What are the provisions regarding imparting in-service training and inclusion of the names in the panel after such training?
4.         What are the instructions regarding staff belonging to SC/ST communities being selected against general merit to selection posts and non-selection posts?
5.         Write a letter to the concerned revenue authorities requesting for verification of the caste certificate based on the following details:
            Name of the employee: Mr. X S/O. Mr. Y.Caste as per the certificate: Yerukula  ST Certificate issuing authority:MRO/BZA Place of birth/brought up of the employee:     Chennai.Date of Appointment and Designation: 01.10.1995.
6.         If sufficient number of SC/ST/OBC candidates fit for appointment against reserved vacancies are not available, what is the prescribed procedure for filling up such reserved vacancies in direct recruitment as well as in case of promotion? (SC 46/2004)