Pass Rules


A. Objective:
1. Attendant means __________________________________________.
2. Residential Card Passes are issued to __________________________.
3. A school pass may be issued to _______________________________.
4. Powers to include, modify, amend, delete or relax any provisions of Railway Servants (Pass) Rules, 1986 shall vest with _____________________________.
5. Officers in the scale of Rs. ________________ or above and who directly report to the Railway Board are entitled to Gold Pass.
6. Gold Pass holder is entitled to travel in ___ class with family over Indian Railways.
7. Silver Pass holder is entitled to travel ________ in any class on Indian Railway or with family in any class other than ________class or in I AC Class on payment of _______ for his family, subject to reserving a maximum number of _____ berths.
8. An attendant in _____/______ Class is allowed to travel free while accompanying the Railway servant traveling on Metal, First A and First Class Duty passes.
9. First Class pass holders are entitled to ___ berth/s in 3rd AC by Rajadhani Express and ___ seat/s in AC Chair Car by Satabdi Express while traveling on duty.
10. The school certificate wherever necessary under the Pass Rules should be submitted _________ a year at the _____________ of the academic session.
11. The details of family members/dependent relatives should be furnished to the pass issuing authority once in ___ years and any change should be intimated _______.
12. Not more than __ dependents can be included in a pass/PTO subject to the condition that total number of persons included shall not exceed ________.
13. When the Railway servant himself or a member of his family or a dependent is blind in both eyes and has to travel alone on a privilege pass ______________ may be allowed to travel in the same class.
14. PTO shall be valid for _______ months from the date of issue.
15. Break of Journey on Privilege pass shall be permissible at _________ station as desired by the pass holder.
16. Bicycles/motor Cycles/Scooters may be allowed to be carried within __________ on privilege passes irrespective of home or foreign lines.
17. When all the passes due are availed, _______ sets of passes and/or _________ sets of PTOs may be issued in advance for journey commencing in the next year.
18. Advance issue of Passes should not exceed _______ days of the current year from the date of issue.
19. Passes are not admissible over Nilgiri Railway during the months of ____________, ________ and _____________ except to Gazetted Officers.
20. First Class A Pass form shall be _________ in colour.
21. First Class Pass form shall be ___________ in colour.
22. Second Class A pass form shall be __________ in colour.
23. Second Class Pass form shall be ___________ in colour.
24. A motor cycle/Scooter/moped is accounted as ____ Kgs. and adjusted against the free allowance admissible if an endorsement is made on the privilege pass.
25. A TV set is accounted as __________ Kgs. and adjusted against the free weightage allowance admissible if an endorsement is made on the privilege pass.
27. A bicycle is accounted as __________ Kgs. and adjusted against the free weightage allowance admissible if an endorsement is made on the privilege pass.
28. The penalty for loss of II class privilege pass is _______________.
29. The PR Complementary passes entitled to a Class III employee retired on 30th November with 26 years of qualifying service and availed 02 sets of privilege passes during the year of retirement are ___________.
30. The licensed porters shall be granted ______ sets of complimentary check passes in a calendar year in II/SL class for _________________.
31. Widows of Railway servants who had opted out of widow pass scheme are eligible for widow passes on payment of Rs. ________.
32. Group D employees with minimum service of ________ ae eligible for post retirement complimentary passes.
33. A railway servant cannot be issue privilege pass for serving unmarried daughter. (say true or false)
34. First Class/2nd AC complimentary passes issued to the recipients of Ashok Chakra award are not valid for travel on Satabdi Express Trains. (say true or false)
35. Dependent widow mother of a deceased Railway servant can be included in privilege pass of widow appointed on compassionate grounds (say true or false)
36. All post retirement complimentary passes issued to the eligible Indian Railway personnel would be valid over Konkan Railway. (say true or false)
B. Descriptive:
1. Define Railway Servant as envisaged in Railway Servants (Pass) Rules, 1986. What is meant by dependent relative in relation to a Railway Servant as per Pass Rules?
2. To whom the Pass Rules shall apply and to whom they shall not?
3. What are different kinds of passes? Explain each one of them.
4. On what account special passes are issued to Railway servants, family members or dependant relatives as the case may be?
5. Is monetary value of passes and privilege ticket orders subject to income tax?
6. What is meant by adopted child as defined under Railway Servants (Pass) Rules?
7. What is the definition of family as per Railway Servants (Pass) Rules, 1986?
8. What is meant by pay as per Railway Servants (Pass) Rules, 1986?
9. What are the entitlements of a First Class Pass holder on privilege account?
10. What are the entitlements of the holder of a Privilege Ticket Order?
11. Under what circumstances, the Privilege pass may be permitted to be issued on longer route?
12. For what reasons/circumstances shall be the family member or dependent relative as defined under the Pass Rules may apply for and be issued Privilege Passes/PTOs?
13. Mr. A, a Gazetted Officer retired from service on 30.04.2006. Before retirement, he availed 03 sets of I Class A Privilege passes? How many post retirement complimentary passes does he entitled to during that year?
14. Mr. X, a Peon whose date of birth is 06.12.1944 and who availed three sets of privilege passes during 2004, has requested for one set of privilege pass vide his application dated 22.12.2004 declaring that he is required to reserve for the journey to be commenced during January, 2005.Can the pass be issued as requested by him?
15 Write Short notes on:
(a) Widow Pass (b) School Pass (c) Post Retirement Complimentary Passes (d) Residential Card Pass (e) Privilege Ticket Order (f) Gold Pass (g) Silver Pass (h) Bronze Pass (i) Split Pass
(j) Loss of Passes (k) Powers of General Managers to condone irregularities
(l) Entitlement of luggage allowance on Privilege Passes (m) Kit Pass
(n) Complimentary Pass for Licensed Porters
16. Distinguish between:
(i) Gold Pass and Platinum Pass (ii) Check Pass and Card Pass (iii) PR Complimentary Pass and Widow Complimentary Pass (iv) Privilege Pass and Privilege Ticket Order (v) School Pass and Residential Card Pass
17. What are the provisions for grant of passes to non-railway men/Organizations?