Honorarium and Fees









A. Objective:

1.   The payment made to a Railway servant as remuneration for special work of an occasional or intermittent nature involving extra labour for its performance is called _________.
2.   The payment made to a Railway servant from some private source for the service rendered to a private person or public body is called ___________.
3.   The fees may be recurring or non-recurring in nature. (say true or false)
4.   Fees does not include income from property, dividends and interest on securities. (say true or false)
5.   Income from scientific or technological efforts is not included in fees if such works are not ________________.
6.   A competent authority may accord permission to an employee to undertake certain work and receive remuneration, if it is satisfied that it can be done without _____________.
7.   No permission is required to undertake and receive fees for works of purely literacy nature. (say true or false)
8.   Whenever permission is granted to do a work and accept fees, _____ part of such fees of non-recurring nature in excess of Rs.1500/- shall be remitted to Railway revenues.
9.   In case of recurring fees, the limit of Rs. 1500/- should be applied with reference to the total for the ________ year.
10.The fees received from Railway Institutes is exempted. (say true or false)
11.The fees received from Railway Staff Benefit Fund Committee is counted for the purpose of payment of 1/3 rd to the Railway revenues. (say true or false)
12.The fees received by a Railway servant as royalties on books which is mere compilation of Railway/Government Rules, is subject to crediting of 1/3rd to Railway revenues. (say true or false)
13.General Manager has the power to grant honorarium up to a limit of Rs.________ in each case of non-gazetted Railway servant.
14.The rate of remuneration for delivering lectures of ______ duration is Rs. 200/-.
15.The amount payable as motivation money to those working for Family Welfare Programme is termed as __________.
B. Descriptive:
1.   Write short notes on Fees and Honorarium.
2.   What do you mean by fees? Explain the items of income that dos not include in the meaning of fees? What are the provisions for acceptance of fees?
3.   What do you mean by honorarium?State and explain some of the cases in which honorarium may be granted?

4.     Distinguish between Fees & Honorarium