Creation of Posts & Man Power Planning






A. Objective:
1.Gazetted post is a post to which appointment is made by ________________.
2.Lien means the _______ of a Railway servant to hold a post to which he has been appointed on regular basis.
3.A permanent post means a post carrying definite rate of pay sanctioned without ________________.
4.A temporary post means a post carrying a definite rate of pay sanctioned for ________________.
5.A Tenure post means ______________________________________.
Say True or False
1.Work charged posts are charged to specific sanctioned works.
2.An employee who has acquired lien on a post retains the lien on that post while under suspension.
3.An employee who has acquired lien on a post retains the lien on that post while officiating in another post.
4. Cadre means the strength of a service or a part of a service sanctioned as a separate unit.
5. A supernumerary post should be created for indefinite periods.
6. A supernumerary post, on vacation by the incumbent, can be filled by another officer in the order of seniority.
7.A supernumerary post is a shadow post to which no duties are attached.
1.Define and explain:
(i) Temporary Posts(ii) Tenure Posts (iii) Supernumerary Posts
(iv) ex-cadre posts(v) work charged posts (vi) Selection Post
(vii) Non-selection post (viii) Surplus staff bank. (ix) matching surrenders
2.Distinguish between
(i) Permanent Posts & Temporary Posts(ii) Tenure Posts & Temporary Posts
(iii) Tenure Posts & Ex-cadre Posts (iv) Selection Post & Non-selection post.
(v) Ex-cadre posts & Supernumerary Posts.
3.What is meant by lien? What are the provisions regarding retention, transfer and termination of lien of a Railway employee?
4. Write a justification for creation of two temporary posts of Stenographers in scale Rs. 4000-6000 in Engineering Department duly indicating the matching surrender required for creation.
5. What are the points to be checked before the proposal for creation of additional pots being processed for sanction of the competent authority?
6. Man Power Planning needs urgent attention on Indian Railwayssubstantiate the statement.
7.What is Manpower Planning? What are its important objectives?
8.What is meant by surplus staff? What are the rules governing absorption and seniority of surplus staff in alternative posts?
9.What are the provisions regarding absorption of medically decategorised staff in alternative posts?
10.Under what circumstances the lien acquired by an employee shall be retained and shall not be retained?