Confidential Reports


1.Total number of forms prescribed for writing the Confidential Reports are:
(a) 7 (b) 5(c) 4(d) 6
2.The prescribed form for writing the Confidential Report for all Teachers/Instructors in teaching/training institutions:
(a) Annexure-IV(b) Annexure V (c) Annexure I(d) none.
3.The prescribed form for writing Confidential Reports for PWIs/APWIs and ASIs:
(a) Annexure-III(b) Annexure V (c) Annexure I(d) none.
4.The prescribed form for writing Confidential Reports for IOWs/AIOWs:
(a) Annexure VI (b) AnnexureIV(c) Annexure II (d) none.
5.The time limit given for a reporting authority, who retires or demits office, to submit confidential report on his subordinate is:
(a) One month(b) One year (c) six months(d) immediately.
6.Confidential Reports should be reviewed and countersigned by the reviewing authority within the following time limit on receipt from the reporting authority:
(a) One month (b) One year(c) six months(d) two months.
7.SectionII of the Confidential Report of Railway servants working in Grade Rs. 1600-2660 on the divisions may be reviewed by:
(a) Sr.DPO(b) ADRM(c) Sr. DEN (d) Sr. DEE.
8.The confidential report of Group C & B staff should be written once in:
(a) four months(b) six months(c) a year (d) a week
9.Reports containing the following remarks should be returned to the reporting officer for amplification/explanation: .
(a) vague (b) non-committal(c) not sufficiently meaningful (d) all of the above.
10.Self appraisal should be submitted by the Railway Servant after the confidential report is initiated: (say true or false)
11.The adverse remarks entered in the confidential reports should be conveyed to the concerned railway servant: (say true or false)
12.Identity of the officer making adverse remarks in the confidential reports should be communicated to the railway servant concerned: (say true or false)
13.An entry in the confidential report that the railway servant concerned is not fit for promotion shall be deemed to be an adverse remark: (say true or false)
14.Comments on the handwriting in cases of ministerial staff, is necessary in confidential reports: (say true or false)
15.Comments on the examination results of the subjects taught by a teacher should be made in his/her confidential report: (say true or false)
16.Confidential Reports of Group C RPF staff are governed by ____________.
17.Railway servants working in Grade Rs. ______________ and
above should furnish the self appraisal in the confidential report.
18.AnnexureI is the prescribed form for writing confidential reports for all Group C staff including workshop staff but excluding _________ and those working in Grade Rs. 1200-2040 RPS.
19.AnnexureV is prescribed for writing the Confidential Report for those who are in Grade Rs. ________________.
20.The reporting authority initiating the confidential report should be immediately ____________ to the Railway servant on whom the ACR is being written.
21.Confidential reports on teachers in schools may be initiated by __________.
22.The confidential report should be initiated by a gazetted officer for those railway servants working in grade Rs. _____________.
23. ACR stands for ______________________.
24. The ACR should be initiated by the ___________ officer.
25. It is the duty of the reportee officer to give self appraisal not later than ________ days from the date of receipt of the ACR form.
26. In case the reportee officer does not submit self appraisal with in _________ days
despite reminder, the report should be initiated without the self appraisal.
27.Annual Confidential Reports shall be submitted in the prescribed form annually for the period ending __________ every year.
28.The grading average in the Confidential Reports has to be considered as adverse and such employees who have been graded average should be denied the benefit of restructuring.(say true or false)
29.Adverse remarks in the confidential reports should be communicated to the Railway servants within ___________ of their being recorded. (one month)
30.The representations against adverse remarks shall be disposed off with in ___________ from the date of submission of the representation.
31.Part II of the ACR form is meant for _____________.
32.Section II of ACR is required for staff in scale ______________
and above.
33.The confidential report shall be initiated by the _____________.
1.Name the different types of annexures of forms prescribed for writing Confidential Reports.
2.Write a short note on Self Appraisal.
3.What are the duties of reporting officer?
4.What are the duties of Reviewing officer?
5.Write short note on communication of adverse remarks.
6.Write a short note on Annual Confidential Report.
7.Write short note on the procedure to be followed in filling up the item Integrity.
8.Write in detail the two categories of Group C staff for whom confidential reports need not be written as per rules.
9. What are the principles on which the system of reporting of the performance of an
employee depends?
10. Explain how performance appraisal is use to the Organisation?
11.What are the areas in which Performance appraisal can be useful in the organization like Railways?
12.What are the principal objectives of the system of confidential reports?
13. What is the procedure prescribed for filling up the columnintegrity?
14.What are adverse remarks in Confidential Reports? What is the procedure to be followed when the integrity of the officer reported upon is found to be doubtful?