1. Describe all the activities involved in replacement of wooden sleepers with steel channel sleepers on girder bridges. What are the latest drawings issued by RDSO? List out all the components of a steel channel sleeper.

2. a) What are the different types of bearings used for steel girder and PSC girder bridges ?
    b) Describe in detail the various activities involved in oiling and greasing of bearings. Where do you apply jacks for lifting of girders ?
   c) Write short notes on Jigs & Fixtures that are used for fabrication of steel girders. (IRICEN Pub.)

3. What are the various methods available for protection of steel girders from corrosion ? Explain in detail the different painting schemes (with the specification of paints) for different environmental conditions. (Bridge Circular)

4. Write down the schedule of inspection of steel girder bridges for SE/Br, ADEN / DEN (Br), Sectional ADEN and Sectional DEN / Sr.DEN. List out the inspection equipment to be available with SE/Br. List out all the aspects that should be looked into during inspection of a girder bridge. (IRBM : Ch.1)

5. List out the duties of JE/Br. and SE/Br. and hierarchy of Bridge Organization in the Division. What are the improvements / modifications you think would help in increasing the efficiency of Bridge Organization.

6. Describe the procedure for erection of a temporary RH girder of 16.30 m span for rebuilding a bridge of 3.60 m span. Draw a detailed sketch indicating clearances and staging arrangements if RL to BL of the bridge is 5.0 m.

7. Write a Short Notes on
a) Railway Affecting Tanks                 b) Bridge Inspection Registers
c) Inspection of PSC Girder Bridges        d) Camber of Steel Girders

8. Explain in detail the operations involved in fabrication of a Rivetted Plate Girder. (IRBM : Ch.6)

9. What is the Organization at Headquarters level and Divisional level for implementation of Official Language? Explain OLIC Meetings and its objectives.

10. What are the important points that are to be incorporated while preparing the Tender Schedules for bridge painting work on contractual system ?

11. Describe in detail the various types of operations involved for fabrication of Welded Girders?

12. What are the important points to be checked while inspecting a steel girder through bridge having a span of 30.5 m ? (IRBM : Ch.11)

13. What are the various types of tools, plant & machinery required for maintenance of steel girder bridges ? Describe them in detail their usage in various operations?

14. Describe in detail with sketches the procedure for re-girdering of existing steel girders with PSC girders with 30-T rail crane for multiple spans of 6.1 m length.

15. What are the basic Passenger Amenities needed at a B class station with detailed sketches. (IRWM : Ch.4)

16. What do you understand by Permanent Negotiating Machinery? Write in detail various levels and their functions.

17. Write in detail the procedure for taking up an employee under DAR. List out all the Minor & Major Penalties.

18. What are the facilities that can be extended to the family of an employee killed while performing his official duties ?

19. Describe the procedure in detail for disposal of MS steel scrap materials, from the stage of identification to final delivery. What are the precautions to be taken in scrap disposal ?

20. List out all the registers to be maintained in the Office of SE/Br. Describe them and explain the purpose each of them.

21. Write Short Notes on
a) Disciplinary Authority                b) Privilege Ticket Order       c) DMTR
d) Suspension                               e) Subsistence Allowance

22. Describe in detail the procedure involved in procurement of materials through Stock Indents and Non-Stock Indents.

23. . What are the classifications under HOER ? Explain in detail with the duty hours and the Railway Servants coming under each category.

24. . What are the various types of Passes that are eligible to a Railway Servant and describe in detail their salient features ?

25. What do you understand by PREM ? What are its objects ? And what are the facilities given to CEG Members ?

26. What are the various types of facilities granted to the recognized Unions by Administration ? Describe in detail ?

27. What are the provisions made in the Factory Act of 1948 ? Describe in detail.

28. What are precautions and procedures to be followed while transporting a girder on Dip-lorry from Station to Mid-section ? (G & SR)

29. Illustrate with neat sketches, the deck, semi through and through type of spans, indicating the various members of the same. (IRICEN PUB.)

30. a) What is RH girder?
       b) When will you use and explain the procedure involved in insertion and removal of RH girder.

31. Write short notes on (IRICEN PUB.)
a) Calendar Hamilton Girder
b) Centralised Bearing
c) Roller bearings for bridges

32 On a new line, 6 nos of 18.3 spans are to be launched having a bed level of 10m high. Illustrate the procedure involved in launching with neat sketches.

33. Four of 18.3m span of an early steel girders on a perennial river have beencontemplated to be regirdered in single line un electrified area. Please bringforward the feasible scheme for regirdering with all men & material & machinery required.

34. How will you do greasing of bridge bearings of span 12x12.2m? Explain the procedure for protecting the track. (IRBM : CH.2 & IRPWM)

35. It has been noticed during inspection of bridge all the 4 individual bed blocks were shaken and cracked in a 3x12.2m span girder bridge (BG). They have to be replaced with Through RCC bed blocks under traffic. How will you carry out this work using rail clusters?

36. Explain various methods of test on paint at site to ensure the quality. (Br. Cir.)

37. What are the precautions to be taken for carrying out painting of Girder Bridge?(IRBM : Ch.2 & Br.Cir.)

38. A stone top culvert has to be rebuilt in one line with twin RCC box of 3.0x3.0 m in a double line electrified section. How will you do it under traffic? Height of bank at approach is 4m.

39. Write short notes on various types of bearing used for steel girder bridges. (IRICEN PUB.)

40. Write short notes on the following:
a) Elastomeric bearing                             b) PTFE bearing      Ans. Chap.II of IRBM

41. What are the types of rivets using in Railway steel bridges and how will youcalculate the size of the rivets for replacing loose rivets?                        Ans. Chap.II of IRBM

42. A new RUB of 10m span is to be constructed under traffic on a single line. Draw a neat sketch of temporary arrangements and explain the modus of operandi. The height of bank is 6m.

43. What action you will take when you are the first person to reach the accident spot involving a Bridge? (IRPWM)

44. What are the tools required for inspecting a bridge? Briefly explain their usage.(IRBM : ANNEX. 11/5)

45.Describe the method of regirdering of 4x6.1m Girder Bridge with standard PSC slabs on a single line non-electrified area. Draw necessary sketches for modus operandi.

46. Write short notes on the following:
a) Vertical clearance                      b) Design discharge for foundation        Ans : Ch.3 of IRBM

47.What is metalising? How will you do matelising for a steel girder bridge?     Ans. Chap.II of IRBM

48. Write short notes on the following:
a) Submerged Arc welding          b) Painting of floor system painting of girder bridge

49. Write short notes on the following:
a) Cement grouting              b) Epoxy grouting                 Ans. Chap.II of IRBM

50.What is Distressed Bridge? What are the schedules of Inspection at different levels and various conditions for imposing speed restriction? (IRBM : Ch.5)

51. What is Numerical Rating System for bridge inspection? Assess the condition of a bridge for which the URN is as under.     2 5 3 4 2 5 4 4                                  Ans : Para - 1103 of IRBM

52. What is Danger level on Bridge? Explain briefly about fixing of Danger level on bridge.
Ans : Para-703 of IRBM

53. Write short notes on the following
a) Free board          b) HFL           c) Vertical Clearance       Ans : Para- 313 of IRBM

54. What are the various defects that may develop during service to the substructures of a bridge and what are the suggested remedies?                 Ans. Chap.II of IRBM

55. What is corrosion and what are the methods used to prevent corrosion in steel girders?
Ans. Chap.II of IRBM

56. While inspecting welded girder which are the locations to be given importance?(IRBM : CH. 11)

57. Explain the remedial action to be taken when a crack is noticed in a welded girder.
Ans. Chap.II of IRBM

58.Describe about the maintenance of composite girder.        Ans. Chap.II of IRBM

59. Explain briefly the following
a) Vulnerable bridge (Monsoon Precautions)
b) Railway Affecting tanks
c) Inadequate Water way

60. Explain in detail any 3 methods for launching of girder bridges with sketch. (IRBM : Ch. 6)

61. Write short notes on the following:
a) Registers and documents to be carried by Bridge Inspector while accompanying officers for inspection.
b) Registers and documents to be maintained for stores
Ans. Chap.I of IRBM

62. Describe in detail how you will carry out the inspection of a Deck type plate girder bridge. (IRBM : Ch.11)

63. How will you check loss of camber of a steel girder? What is the reason for the loss? And how you will rectify? (IRICEN PUB. & IRBM : CH.2)

64. Explain various types of foundations used in construction of Railway Bridges.(IRBM : Ch. 2, 3 & 4)

65. Explain briefly repairing of bridges with shotcreting and guniting.   Ans. Chap.II of IRBM

66.Describe the defects generally associated with arch bridges and their remedies.  Ans. Chap.II of IRBM 

67. What are the common methods adopted in strengthening of weak steel girder bridges?
Ans. Chap.II of IRBM

68. Explain the important points to be observed in maintenance of arch bridges.  Ans. Chap.II of IRBM

69. What are the important factors to be ensured for the quality control in PSC works?(IRBM : CH.6)

70. Write short notes on the following:
a) Guide bund
b) Marginal bund
c) Closure bund
Ans. Chap.VIII of IRBM

71. Write short notes on the following
a) Apron
b) Pitching
c) Spurs

72. Write short notes on the following
a) Drop wall
b) Curtain wall
c) Flooring

73. What are the various defects that may develop during service to the Bed Blocks of a bridge and what are the suggested remedies?           Ans. Chap.II of IRBM

74. What are the precautions to be taken while carrying out maintenance works on Bridges?
Ans. Chap.II of IRBM

75. What are the data to be collected in Hydrological Investigation before constructing a bridge? Ans. Chap.III of IRBM

76. What are the factors to be considered in selecting a site for construction of bridge?
Ans. Chap.III of IRBM

77. While constructing a bridge foundation how will you set the lay out of a bridge?
Ans. Chap.IV of IRBM

78. Write short notes on open foundation for bridges & box culverts.
Ans. Chap.IV of IRBM

79. What are the factors to be considered while selecting the type of piles?
Ans. Chap.IV of IRBM

80. While doing soil exploration for design and construction of piles what are the particulars you will collect? Ans. Chap.IV of IRBM

81. Write short notes on spacing of piles. What are the permissible tolerances while driving piles? Ans. Chap.IV of IRBM

82. Write short notes on load carrying capacity of a pile. How pile load testing is carried out.
Ans. Chap.IV of IRBM & IRICEN PUB.

83. What are the precautions to be taken while doing Tremie concreting?     Ans. Chap.IV of IRBM

84. Briefly explain the components of well foundation Write short notes on Concreting of steining. Ans. Chap.IV of IRBM

85. Briefly explain the sinking of wells using caissons. Ans. Chap.IV of IRBM

86. What are the precautions to be taken during well sinking? How to correct tilt and shift of wells ?(IRBM : CH.4)

87. Write short notes on pneumatic sinking of well. (IRBM : CH.4)

88. Write short notes on (IRBM : CH.4)
a  Bottom plugging of the well
b)  Sand hearting

89. Write short notes on (IRBM : CH.4)
a) Construction of top plug
b) b) Construction of well cap

90. What are the signs of distress in Category I & IIdistressed bridge?(IRBM : CH.5)

91. In rehabilitation of bridge, how will you strengthen the foundation? Explain the rehabilitation works on distressed arch bridges (IRBM : CH.5)

92. How will you do the rehabilitation work in case of replacement of non-standard girders? (IRBM : CH.5)

93. Write short notes on approach slabs. (C.S. No.10)

94. What are the important points to be kept in mind in construction of substructure and superstructure? (IRBM : CH.6)

95. What are the flood records to be maintained? Write short notes on Sounding during floods. Write short notes on Annual Survey of Scour holes at bridge (IRBM : CH.7)

96.How will you carry out the detailed inspection of Tunnels? Write short notes on Leakage in tunnel and method of rectification. (IRBM : CH.10)

97. What are the points to be noted during inspection of cuttings? What action will you take to prevent boulder drops? (IRBM : CH.10)

98. Write short notes on Maintenance of logbook for Tools & Plant. (IRBM : CH.11)

99. While inspecting a welded girder on which critical locations you will give special attention? (IRBM : CH.11)

100. What are the points to be examined while inspecting steel structures? (IRBM : CH.11)

101. What are the factors generally influence the suitability of girder erection methods? (IRBM : CH.6)

102. Explain any two Non-Destructive Tests for concrete structure. (IRICEN PUB.)

103. Write short notes on Dye penetration Test & Magnetic Particle Test for Steel structures. (IRICEN PUB.)

104. What is sample rivet testing? Describe sample rivet testing for a plate girder bridge. (IRBM : ANNEX.11/13)