A. Objective:
1.   In case of references from MPs/MLAs regarding appointment on compassionate grounds etc., draft replies should be put up to GM. (say true or false)
2.   The language used in the communications to MPs/MLAs shall be _____ and ___.
3.   If it is likely to take long time to reply Honorable MP/MLA, a __________ reply should be given immediately.
4.   Requests from MPs/MLAs and other VIPs shall not be solely looked from the point of view of administrative convenience only. (say true or false)
5.   Replies on the references from Honorable MPs/MLAs shall be issued with in _____ days, if no information is required from the divisions.
6.   Replies on the references from Honorable MPs/MLAs shall be issued with in _____ days, if certain information is required from the divisions.
7.   Government servants bringing political influence in service matters shall be taken up under D&A Rules.(say true or false)
8.   Government servants are prohibited from binging or attempting to be any political or other influence to further their progression in service matters. (say true or false)
9.   References received from Honorable MPs/MLAs should be given careful consideration and responded at __________ level.
10.Seating arrangements for HonRble MPs/MLAs in public functions shall be made as per ________________ issued by Government of India.
11.All local MPs and MLAs shall be extended invitations for the public functions held in their jurisdiction well in advance and proper _________ shall be observed.
12.Government official shall rise in his seat and receive/see off the Honorable MP/MLA during their personal visit to the Government offices.
1.      If it is not possible to accede to the request/suggestion made by the Honorable MPs/MLAs in their references, the same shall be explained with a reasoned reply courteously. (say true or false)
25.The per capita contribution to SBF has been increased from ______ to ______ per annum w.e.f. 01.04.2004.
26.The new head introduced under General activities of SBF w.e.f. 01.04.2004 is ________.
27.The per capita allocation under the new head of women empowerment is _________.
B. Descriptive:
1.   What are the various establishment records to be checked by a Personnel Inspector on his visit to a station/shed/depot? Briefly mention the purpose and utility.
2.   What do you mean by Service Record? What is the procedure to be followed for re-construction of a missing Service Record?
3.   What is Staff Benefit Fund? Explain in detail the sources of the fund, the committees and the schemes introduced on South Central Railway for disbursement of the funds to the non-gazetted staff.
4.   Discuss the role of Personnel Inspectors in the staff matters? What are your suggestions to improving the working of the Inspectors for the assistance of staff?
5.   What is the role of Personnel Inspectors in the Personnel Management? What are your suggestions for improvement of working system of the Personnel Branch?
6.   What are the guidelines issued by Railway Board for dealing with the communications/references received from Honorable MPs/MLAs and other VIPs?
7.   What are the procedural orders and guidelines issued locally for monitoring and disposal of references from Honorable MPs/MLAs?
8.   What are the important principles to be borne in mind by Government Servants while dealing with Honorable MPs/MLAs?
9.   What do you mean by Court attachment? What action to be taken when an order from Court of Law for attachment of pay and allowances of staff is received?
10.An order for attachment of Rs. 2,500/- from the salary of Mr. X is received from II Addl. District Magistrate, Ongole on 01.01.2006. Calculate moity based on the following information and reply the court.
      (i) Designation: Sr. Goods Driver in scale Rs. 5500-9000.(ii) Pay: Rs. 7,000/- (iii) Employee residing in Railway Quarters.
(iv) Amount already attached: Rs. 1,500/- to II Addl. Judicial Magistrate, Kavali till December, 2006.     (v) Society Loan: Rs. 1050/- till Feb. 2006.
11.What is the policy on supply of Uniforms to staff? What categories are governed under the policy? What are the facilities provided to the staff for maintenance of the uniform supplied to them?
12.Write short notes on Productivity Linked Bonus? What are the principles to decide the PLB payable in a financial year?
13.What are the instructions to record the date of birth of an employee? What is the laid down procedure to be followed for alteration of Date of Birth?