Group Insurance Scheme 




A.  Objective:

1.   The new Group Insurance scheme for regular employees of Central Government
came into force w.e.f. __________.
2.   The new Central Government Employees Group Insurance scheme has become compulsory for the employees who enter into service already in service as on _________ and optional to those in service as on _________.
3.   The rates of subscription under the new Group Insurance scheme are Rs. ____, Rs. ______, Rs. ______ and Rs. _______ in respect of Group D, Group C, Group B and Group A staff respectively.
4.   The subscription for Group Insurance scheme will be apportioned @_____ % is Insurance Fund and _____ % is Savings Fund.
5.   Under the Group Insurance scheme, the apportionment of savings/insurance fund @ 30% and 70% respectively came into force w.e.f. ____________.
6.   The insurance coverage under the Group Insurance scheme to the families of Group D, Group C, Group B and Group A staff is Rs. ______, Rs. ________, Rs. _________ and Rs. _________ respectively.
7.   The Group Insurance scheme is based on mortality rate of ______ per thousand per annum.
8.   In case of regular promotion to a higher group, the subscription under Group Insurance scheme shall be increased from _________.
9.   In case an employee was on EOL, during which no subscription to the Group Insurance could be recovered, the same shall be recovered in arrears with interest. (say true or false)
10.In the absence of a valid nomination under the Group Insurance scheme, the nomination made under ____________ may be accepted.
11.In case of no nomination under the scheme of Group Insurance/PF Rules, the insurance money shall be payable in equal shares to __________________.
12.A subscriber having a family can nominate anybody to receive the insurance money under Group Insurance scheme. (say true or false)
13.In case an employees whereabouts are not known, the accumulation from the savings fund becomes payable under Group Insurance scheme to the nominee/heirs after __________ period.
14.It is legally permissible to adjust the Government dues against the payments due to the employees/nominees under the Group Insurance scheme. (say true or false)
15.Subscriptions under the Group Insurance scheme shall not be recovered during the last three months of service. (say true or false)
B.  Descriptive:
1.   What are the provisions regarding exercising of nomination by a subscriber under Group Insurance Scheme? What are the provisions for payment of amounts under the scheme in case there is no valid nomination?
2.   Explain about the scope, membership, monthly subscription, amount of insurance coverage and the insurance/savings fund of the Group Insurance scheme, 1980 as amended from time to time?