Casual Labor & Substitutes




A.Objective:(also to cover serial circulars)
1.The simple interest on delayed payment of gratuity under the Gratuity Act, 1972 has been specified as ________ % per annum.
2.Any new face substitute should be appointed only with the prior personal approval of ______________.
3.Power of engaging substitutes in Group C lies with the _____________ except in the case of teachers.
4.In case of engaging substitutes in the category of teachers the powers are delegated to ______________.
5.At the time of initial engagement of a person as a Substitute against a Group C post, it shall be ensured that the candidates possess the qualifications prescribed for ______________.
6.The rules governing Casual Labour are contained in Chapter ________ of the Indian Railway Establishment Manual, Vol.II.
7. Casual Labour should not be employed for work on construction of wagons and similar other work of a ______________ nature.
8.Casual Labour engaged on open line works, for more than _______ days without a break will be treated as temporary on completion of _______ days of continuous employment.
9.Casual Labour on projects who have put in _______ days of continuous employment on works of the same nature are entitled to _________ of the minimum of the appropriate scale of pay plus Dearness Allowance.
10.A preliminary verification in regard to age and completion of requisite number of days of continuous service should be done by _______________ before regular scale of pay or 1/30th rate of pay to Casual Labour.
B. Say True or False
1.Authorised absence not exceeding 20 days for personal reasons shall constitute a break in service of the Casual Labour for determining continuous service.
2.The rights and privileges admissible to Casual Labour treated as temporary include the benefit of D&A Rules.
3.Casual Labour shall not be deliberately discharged with a view to cause an artificial break.
4.Casual Labour diverted from one unit to another will retain seniority in the new unit. 
5.Temporary posts may be created for the conferment of the casual labour who acquired temporary status.
6. Casual Labour are not ordinarily liable to transfer. 
7. On open line, trolley men can be Casual Labour.
8. Casual Labour can be engaged in Printing Press.
9. The period of absence of a workman for medical treatment in connection with injuries sustained on duty covered by provisions under WC Act will not be considered as break in service for the purpose of determining continuous ser vice.
1.What do you mean by Casual Labour? What are the service conditions of Casual Labour after granting temporary status?
2.What do you mean by Substitute and Probationer? Distinguish between Casual Labour and Substitute?
3.What are the right and privileges admissible to Casual Labour attained temporary status?
4.Who are substitutes? What are the circumstances in which the General Managers can exercise their discretion to engage substitutes? (27/2001)
5.What periods of absence in the service of a Casual Labour does not constitute break in service for the purpose of determining continuous service?