Appointment on compassionate grounds


Say True or False
1.Where an employee dies in harness leaving behind only the widow, i.e., without any children, appointment of a near relative is permissible.
2.Wards of Gazetted officers are not entitled for compassionate ground appointments. 
3.Wards of Group D staff are eligible for CG appointment in Group D only. 
4.CG appointment is not permissible in case a casual labour with temporary status dies while in service.
5.The time limit to give appointment in priority one cases is three months. 
6.Divisional Railway Managers are competent to consider the relaxation of minimum age limit in deserving cases of compassionate appointments. 
7.JA Grade officers holding independent charge of workshops are competent to give CG appointments in Group D.
8.Upper age relaxation in the case of Group D on compassionate grounds is with in the powers of CPO only. 
9.Widows up to the age of 35 years are only to be considered for compassionate appointments. 
10.Cases of CG appointments of RPF staff are to be considered in RPF department only.
11.The minimum qualification for a Group C post is SSC/Matriculation with 50% marks.
Fill in the Blank
1.CG appointment to dependents of an employee died as bachelor is effective from __________.
2.___________ is competent to terminate the service of a CG appointee without following D&A Rules.
3.___________ is competent to give third and final change to a widow to appear for a Group C suitability test.
4.DRM is competent to give _______ chances to appear for Group C screening on merits to the ward of a deceased employee.
5.CG appointee to a post of technician/Gr.III with SSC should undergo _______ months of training.
6.______ Class pass is given to wards of deceased employee when called for screening.
7.___________ is competent to consider the requests received after two years of the first son/first daughter attained the age of majority.
8.Who is competent to relax the condition of minimum educational qualification?
1.Is General Manager competent to appointment in posts carrying pay scale of Rs. 5500-9000?
2.How many officers shall be there in screening committee for CG appointments?
B. Descriptive:
1. Who are eligible to be considered for appointment on compassionate grounds?How are the priority of the cases decided?
2.What is the role of Personnel Inspector in processing cases for CG appointment?
3.Explain the circumstances under which the Compassionate Appointments are considered and prioritise these circumstances together with time limit with in which the appointments are given?
4.With the issuance of Railway Boards letter No. E(NG)I/96/RE/3/9(12) of 29.04.1999, the existing procedure of compassionate ground appointments has undergone changes?Explain these changes commencing from 29.04.99.
5.An employee due to retire in next 20 months was found missing. His wife has filed a report with police & FIR was also registered. Her request for appointment to herself is received in the office. What action will you take on this request?
6.The minimum educational qualifications for a Group D post is a pass in 8th Class. But the candidate for whom the appointment is sought has no minimum educational qualification on the date of event i.e., on 08.10.1999 but he acquired the same at a later date i.e., within a period of five years from the date of incident. Put up a note keeping the Boards instructions circulated vide SC No. 62/2004 justifying the case for Railway Boards consideration.
7.There are numerous complaints from the eligible family members of the deceased employees that undue delays are taking place in processing their requests for CG appointment.What steps do you suggest to eliminate the delay and improve the image of Personnel Branch in the minds of the wards?
8.Explain the procedure followed to adjudge the suitability of a candidates for appointment on compassionate grounds in a Group C post?
9.Write short notes on Appointment on compassionate Grounds