Indicate the correct answer in brackets.

1. Rocker Bearing permits - ( c)
(a) Longitudinal movement                                     (b) Lateral movement
(c) Rotational movement                                       (d) None

2. Sliding bearings are generally used for spans upto - (b)
(a) 18.30 m        (b) 30.50 m         (c) 45 m          (d) for any spans

3. Toe load of each fastening of steel channel sleepers is ( d)
(a) 1000 kg           (b) 600 kg            (c) 100 kg               (d) Zero

4. While replacing a loose rivet, not more than ____% rivets at a joint should be cut at a time. ( b)
(a) 20%              (b) 10%                     (c) 30%                          (d) 50%

5. Loss of camber of steel girders can be due to - ( d)
(a) Heavy over stressing of members                      (b) Over stressing of joint rivets
(c) Play between rivet holes and rivet shanks          (d) Any of these.

6. Minimum spacing of trolley refugees on bridges with spans <100 m.( b)

(a) 50 m             (b) 100 m                 (c) 60 m                        (d) 200 m

7. The axle load for design of bridges in MBG loading is ( d)
(a) 29 MT            (b) 20 MT               (c) 22.5 MT                 (d) 25.0 MT

8. The weight of BG standard welded girder of 12.20 m span is - (d)
(a) 10.5 MT (b) 17.16 MT (c) 15.00 MT (d) 8.28 MT

9. Flooring is required to be provided for bridges with - ( b)
(a) Deep foundations (b) Shallow foundations (c) Both (d) None

10. Arch Bridges transfer load mainly through __________ stresses. ( b)
(a) Bending (b) Compressive (c) Tensile (d) Shear

11. Diameter of reinforcement bar used as dowels for jacketing of bridge structures.
(a) 25 m (b) 12 m (c) 20 mm (d) Any dia ( c)

12. Before taking up work on a bridge, banner flag should be erected at a distance of _______ m from the place of work. ( c)
(a) 5 m (b) 100 m (c) 600 m (d) 1200 m

13. Speed indicator board should be erected at a distance of _______m ahead of the bridge under repair. (d)
(a) 5 m (b) at the bridge site (c) 100 m (d) 30 m

14. All Fillet or Butt Welds for fabrication of welded I-sections for bridge girders are required to be by - (b)
(a) Metal Arc Welding                   (b)Submerged Arc Welding
(c) Gas Pressure Welding              (d) By any process

15. For field rivetting, if diameter of the rivet is 20 mm, the dia of the hole should be
(a) 20 mm (b) 21 mm (c) 21.5 mm (d) 22 mm (c)

16. The ingredient of solvent used in paints is for the purpose of - ( b)
(a) to make the paint thinner (b) to make the paint consistent
(c) to make the paint thicker

17. Aluminum paint is also used in bridge painting work because - ( b)
(a) resistant to ultra violet radiation (b) bright appearance
(c) easy for maintenance.

18. The shelf-life of ready mixed red lead paint is - ( b)
(a) 2 months (b) 4 months (c) 6 months (d) 1 year

19. The purity of aluminum in metallizing as per IS:2590 is - ( d)
(a) 98% (b) 98.5% (c) 99% (d) 99.5%

20. The saving of steel for BG Welded girders when compared to Rivetted girder is –
(a) 23% (b) 24% (c) 25% (d) 26% ( a)

21. The destructive test used for testing the quality of the weld is called –
(a) Mechanical test (b) Chemical test (c) Ultrasonic test (d) Supersonic test ( a)

22. The template is a true scale copy of - ( c)
(a) 3-Dimensional object                              (b) 4-Dimensional object
(c ) 2-Dimensional object                            (d) No dimensional object

23. For field riveting of main components, if the hole dia is 23.5 mm, then the rivet dia is - ( b)
(a) 22.5 mm (b) 22 mm (c) 21.5 mm (d) 20 mm

24. Steel for rivets should conform to - ( c)
(a) IS : 2062 (b) IS : 221 (c) IS : 1148 (d) IS : 1929

25. Metalising should be done after sand blasting - ( a)
(a) Immediately (b) After 30 minutes (c) After one hour (d) After one day.

26. Extra Air in the Air Compressor should be released by means of - ( d)

(a) Hole (b) by opening the mount piece (c) Unloder valve (d) Reflex valve

27. Hindi Week Celebrations will be conducted at Headquarters / Divisional level once in - ( b)

(a) 6 months (b) One year (c) As required (d) 3 months

28. Staff participating on Cultural Dramas at the time of Hindi Week Celebrations will be treated as - (a)

(a) Special Casual Leave (b) Extraordinary leave (c) On duty

29. The purpose of providing Rajya Bhasha Adhikari at Headquarters level is to

(a) Promote Telugu (b) Promote English (c) Promote Hindi

(d Promote Local Language ( c)

30. Speed permitted on loop lines presently is ____kmph, which is being raised to ____kmph progressively. ( d )

(a) 10, 50 (b) 15, 50 (c) 15, 75 (d) 15, 30

31. Nominal Gauge of BG Railway Track is ( a)

(a) 1676 mm (b) 1673 mm (c) 1766 mm (d) 1500 mm

32. Top width of embankment to be provided for single line BG track is - ( c )

(a) 6000 mm (b) 6500 mm (c) 6850 mm (d) 5860 mm

33. The horizontal distance from centre of track to the face of platform coping for BG high level PF should be within - (a )

(a) 1670 1680 mm (b)1600 1700 mm (c)1600 1905 mm (d) 1680 1905 mm

34. The normal size of ballast used on Railway Track as per the current specifications is ____ ( b )

(a) 65 mm (b) 50 mm (c) 40 mm (d) 60 mm

35. Periodicity of opening and examination of Level Crossing is - ( b )

(a) Once a month (b) Once a year (c) Once in 3 months (d) Once in 6 months

36. Average Emoluments for determining the pension is average of the emoluments drawn during the last ___ months of service. ( b )

(a) 6 (b) 10 (c) 12 (d) 1

37. PL Number is available for - (a )

(a) Stocked item (b) NS item (c) Both (d) None

38. PNM in Divisions is conducted with each Union once in - ( b )

(a) a month (b) 2 months (c) 4 months (d) 6 months

39. Hindi Day is celebrated every year on - ( d )

(a) 26th Jan (b) 04th Aug. (c) 15th Aug. (d) 14th Sept.

40. The number of languages in VIII Schedule of Constitution. (d )

(a) 22 (b) 28 (c) 15 (d) 14

41. The cash award GM can grant to staff for commendable use of Hindi in their official working. (d )

(a) Rs.10,000 (b) Rs.5,000 (c) Rs.1,000 (d) Rs.500

42. Cash Awards & Lumpsum Awards given at the time of Hindi Week Celebrations are exempted from - (b )

(a) Wealth Tax (b) Income Tax (c) Profession Tax (d) None

43. An employee shall be deemed to have a writing knowledge of Hindi if he has passed. ( d )

(a) Prabodh (b) Praveen (c) Pragya

(d) Any exam. conducted by Hindi Teaching Scheme of Central Govt.

44. The study leave that can be granted at one time - ( a )

(a) 24 months (b) 18 months (c) 12 months (d) 6 months

45. Staff are not eligible for leave-not-due when their service is less than - ( c )

(a) One year (b) Two years (c) Three years (d) Four years

46. Strikes and Lockouts in the Public Sector service needs a notice of ( b )

(a) 7 days (b) 14 days (c) 21 days (d) One month

47. The payment of Overtime as per Factory Act should not exceed 50 hours in a

(a) Month (b) 2 months (c) 3 months (d) 4 months (c )

48. The payment of Overtime upto 75 hours can be granted in a quarter with prior approval of - ( a )

(a) Chief Factory Inspector (b) Dy.Director of Factories

(c) Director of Factories (d) Chief Executive of the Factory.

49. Trucking of girder from Station to Mid-section on Dip-lorry should be under (a)

(a) Line block (b) Without line block (c) Can be taken under Caution Order

(d) None of these.

50. The Plant & Machinery which is not useful and overaged should be sent to Scrap Depot on (b )

(a) DS-9 Form (b) DS-8 Form (c) DS Form (d) No form is required.

51. The replacement of Old girder with a new Girder should be charged to the Allocation - ( a )

(a) Revenue (b) OLWR (c) DF (d) DRF

52. Appointment of a Welfare Officer is needed in a Factory where employed workers are - ( d )

(a)200 (b) 300 (c) 400 (d) 500

53. Penalty for loss of a Residential Card Pass for 2nd class is - ( d )

(a) Rs.10/- (b) Rs.11/- (c) Rs.12/- (d) Rs.12.50

54. On passing ________Exam., in Hindi, a personal pay of one increment will be granted to an employee for a period of - (b )

(a) 6 months (b) 12 months (c) 18 months (d) 24 months

55. The total number of staff who can be given awards by General Manager during Zonal Hindi Week Celebrations is - ( d )

(a) 10 (b) 20 (c) 30 (d) 40

56. The total number of awards for each Railway during Hindi Week Celebrations given by Railway Board are - ( d )

(a) Five (b) Six (c) Seven (d) Eight

57. DRM and HODs can grant number of Cash Awards during Hindi Week Celebrations to staff ( d)

(a) 20 (b) 30 (c) 40 (d) No limit.

58. 60. Railway bridge having total waterway 18m. or more is called-( a)

a. major bridge b. minor bridge c. important bridge d. None of these

59. When a small area of paint of a steel girder bridge show pronounced deterioration and require immediate painting, this system of painting is known as ( b )

a. through painting b. patch painting c. complete painting

d. preventive painting

60. In S.C.Railway periodicity of painting of steel girder is once in (a )

a.4 to 6 years b.1 to 6 years c.3 years d.1 year

61. Bridge having linear water way of 300 m or more or total water way of 1000sqm or more are called ( b )

a. minor bridge b. important bridge c. major bridge d. none of above

62. Bridges having total waterway of less than 18m or clear span of less than 12m in single span are called ( b )

a. important bridge b. minor bridge c. major bridge d. none of above

63. BGML loading stands for (c )

a. Broad gauge mineral loading b. Broad gauge modified loading

c. Broad gauge main line loading d. none of above

64. BGML loading evolve in the year (c )

a.1924 b.1925 c.1926 d. None of above

65. BGML loading caters for maximum axle load of...........tonnes for locomotive with trailing load of.................tonnes/metre ( a )

a.22.9,7.67 b.22.5,7.65 c.25,7.67

66. RBG loading stands for ( a )

a. Revised Broad gauge loading b. Rolling Broad gauge loading

c. Railway Broad gauge loading d. none of above

67. RBG loading evolve in the year (a )

a.1975 b.1987 c.1926 d. none of above

68. RBG loading caters for maximum axle load of...........tonnes for locomotive with trailing load of.................tonnes / metre of track with maximum axle load of..............tonnes for wagons- (b )

a.22.9,7.67,25 b.22.5,7.67,22.9 c.25,7.67,22.9 d. none of above

69. MBG loading stands for - (b )

a. Mineral Broad gauge loading b. Modified broad gauge loading

c. Medium Broad gauge loading d. none of above

70. MBG loading evolve in the year (b )

a.1975 b.1987 c.1926 d. none of above

71. MBG loading caters for maximum axle load of...........tonnes for locomotive with trailing load of.................tonnes/metre on both side of locomotive - ( c )

a.25,7.67 b.22.5,8.25 c.25,8.25 d.none of above

72. Through, Semi-through and Deck bridge are the type of bridge based on (c )

a. Type of girders b. Grade separation

c. Position of railway with respect to main girder

d. Headway requirement consideration

73. Dynamic Augment is - (c )

a. Wind effect on railway bridges b. Temperature effect on railway bridges

c. Impact Effect on railway bridges d. Rolling effect on railway bridges

74. Repairing by cement pressure grouting can be adopted in case of ( e )

a. Honeycomb concrete structure b. Hollow masonry

c. Deep leached mortar joints d. Dormant cracks e. All of above

75. Cement pressure grouting is suitable for - ( b )

a. Very fine crack

b. Active crack where cause of cracking has been determined and remedial action has been taken c. Crushed masonry d. Weathered concrete or masonry

76. Cement pressure grouting is best suited for - ( a )

a. When masonry is hollow b. Fine and deep crack

c. fine but not very deep crack d. None of above

77. In cement pressure grouting water cement ratio is kept as (a )

a. 0.4 to 0.5 b. 0.3 to 0.4 c. 0.25 to 0.35 d. 0.35 to 0.50

78. In cement pressure grouting pressure is kept as (a )

a. 2 to 4 Kg/sqcm b. 3 to 6 Kg/sqcm c. 3 to 10 Kg/sqcm d. 3.5 to 7 Kg/sqcm

79. In guniting/shotcreting water cement ratio is kept as (d )

a. 0.4 to 0.5 b. 0.3 to 0.4 c. 0.25 to 0.35 d. 0.35 to 0.50

80. In epoxy grouting pressure is kept as - (d )

a. 2 to 4 Kg/sqcm b. 3 to 6 Kg/sqcm c. 3 to 10 Kg/sqcm d. 3.5 to 7 Kg/sqcm

81. Air compressor used for cement pressure grouting should have a capacity of

a. 2-4 cum/min b. 3-4cum/min (b )

c. 3-5cum/min d. 4-5 cum/min

82. Air compressor used for guniting/shotcreting should have a capacity of

a. 2-4 cum/min b. 3-4 cum/min ( d )

c. 3.5-5.0 cum/min d. 10 cum/min

83. In cement pressure grouting holes along cracks/in or around hollow spots in staggered manner should be drilled having spacing in both the direction @............

a. 150-500mm b. 450mm ( c )

c. 500-750mm d. Suitably as decided by DEN

84. In cement pressure grouting G.I. pipe pieces of diameter...... and length......... should be fixed with rich cement sand mortar in drilled holes. ( a )

a. 12 to 20m.m.,200m.m. b. 12 to 20m.m.,300m.m.

c. 20 to 25m.m.,200m.m. d. 20 to 25m.m.,. 300m.m.

85. In Indian railway, railway bridges are classified for the purpose of maintenance, on the basis of ( c )

a. Material b. Superstructure c. Extent of waterway d. None of above

86. Air compressor used for epoxy grouting should have a capacity of (b )

a. 2-4 cum/min b. 3-4cum/min c. 3-5cum/min d. 4-5 cum/min

87. Air compressor used for epoxy grouting should have a pressure of (c )

a. 2-4 Kg/sqcm b. 3.5-7.0 Kg/sqcm c. 10 Kg/sqcm d. 7 Kg/sqcm

88. Air compressor used for guniting/shotcreting should have a pressure of ( d)

a. 2-4 Kg/sqcm b. 3.5-7.0 Kg/sqcm c. Upto 10 Kg/sqcm d. Upto 7 Kg/sqcm

89. Admixture is added in cement pressure grouting mainly due to ( e )

a. Increase initial setting time b. Decrease initial setting time

c. Improve flowability d. Prepare non shrinkable grout e. Both (c) and (d)

90. Health monitoring of very imp. Bridges in Aggressive environment is to be done by an independent agency once in ( b )

(a)2 years (b) 5 years (c) 10 years (d) 4 20 years.

91. In single line section, under normal circumstances, the length of tunnels upto which artificial ventilation may not be required is ( b )

(a) 1 km (b) 2 Km (c) 3 km (d) 4 km

92. On bridges with each span of 100 m and more, trolley refuges are to be provided at a spacing of (d )

(a)100 m (b) 50m (c)150 m (d) on each pier

93. Revision of the existing Danger level for a girder bridge is to be done with the approval of (b )

(a)AEN (b)DEN/Sr.DEN (c)THOD (d) PHOD

94. The minimum depth of bridge timber excluding notching for 80 span as per RDSOs Drg. No. BA 11075 is ()

(a) 150 mm (b) 125 mm (c)180 mm (d) 240 mm

95. Inspection schedule of Asst. Engineer with regard to tunnels is ( a )

(a) Once in a year before the monsoon

(b) Once in a year after the monsoon

(c)Twice in a year before and after the monsoon

(d) Not specified or as decided by the C.E.

96. The periodicity of painting of entire steel work of a girder in highly corrosive prone areas in S.C. Railway. (c)

(a) 1 year (b) 2 years (c) 4 years (d) 6years.

97.What is the shelf life of Read Lead Ready Mixed (IS-102) paint? (b )

(a) 2 months (b) 4 months (c)6 months (d) 1 year

98.Speed restriction required for using CC cribs as temporary arrangement is-

(a) 20 kmph (b) 40 kmph (c) 35 kmph (a )

99. Designated span of restricted head (RH) girder is equal to- ( a )

(a) overall length (b) c/c of span (c) clear span

100.The minimum cushion specified over an arch bridge is ( c )

(a) 0.5m (b) 0.9m (c) 1.0m

101. In case of water crossing danger level ( c)

(a) Speed restriction be imposed (b) Traffic be suspended till water recedes

(c) Traffic be suspended till a responsible person inspects the site and declares it safe for running traffic

102. Bentonite is used in pile driving ( c )

(a) to facilitate pile driving (b) to enable proper pile concreting (c) to stabilize the bore hole walls

103.Bearings for plate girders are ( b )

(a)Roller bearing (b) Sliding bearings (c) Elastomeric bearings

104. In the eight digit code given in the rating system the first digit is called ( b )

(a)URN (b)ORN (c) CRN

105. Danger level is fixed on the basis of ( a )

(a) Type of girder (b)Category of track

(c) Velocity of channel flow (d) All of above.

106. Epoxy injection could be resorted to when (a )

(a) crack width is less than 1 mm.

(b) crack width is more than 1mm but less than 10 mm.

(c) when the masonry is having large voids.

(d) None of the above.

107. For overhead spalled concrete, the best repair technique would be (d )

(a) hand applied repairs.

(b)grouting with epoxy.

(c) cement pressure grouting.

(d) guniting.

108. Thickness of the steining is decided upon the consideration of (c )

(a) size of the bond rods.

(b) to facilitate manual inspection of the steining.

(c) to enable the well to be self sinking.

(d) maximum size of aggregate in concrete.

109. A detailed inspection of the PSC superstructure of a major bridge will be done by ( c)

(a) IOW. (b)AEN (Br) (c) BRI. (d) AEN (Open Line).