Transfer/Transfer Grant


A. Objective:
1.Group D staff recruited prior to ________ without the condition of qualification will be eligible to seek transfer on request in recruitment grade on bottom seniority.
2.Group D staff recruited after _________ with relaxation of qualification will be eligible to seek transfer on request in recruitment grade on bottom seniority.
3.50% of DA is taken into account as Dearness Pay for arriving at the quantum of composite transfer grant, in case of staff transferred prior to 01.04.2004 but relieved after that date. (say true or false).
4.Staff transported their luggage at their own on transfer without availing the facility of Kit Pass are entitled to the Composite Transfer Grant without any cut in the quantum. (say true or false)
5.In case the Railway accommodation is permitted to be retained by the family of the deceased for a period of 02 years, the time limit for availing the Composite transfer grant is _________.
6.Claims for composite transfer grant can be entertained and paid along with settlement dues to the retiring staff. (say true or false)
7.Requests for transfer of sports persons recruited against sports quota form one Railway/unit/Division to another Railway/Unit/Division may be considered if the sports person has completed _______ years of service.
8.The requests of the sports persons for transfer on mutual basis from one Zone/Division/Unit to another provided both are __________.
9.Cases involving inter Railway transfers of sports persons shall be referred to __________ for approval.
10.All communications regarding transfer should be signed by ______ with his name and designation appearing below the signature.
11.The memorandum/order sparing the employee on transfer should have the ________, ________ and _________ of the employee duly attested by the officer signing the memorandum/order of relief.
12.Staff qualified in GDCE and get posted to a station of their choice are entitled to Transfer Grant. (Say true or false)
1.Write short notes on:
(i) Transfer in the interest of Administration (ii) Transfer on request of the employee (iii) Posting of Wife and husband (iv) Periodical Transfers (v) Composite Transfer Grant.