Seniority Rules



A. Objective:
1.The general principles that may be followed in dertermining the senioirty of non-gazetted Railway servants are enumerated in Chapter ______ of the IREM, Vol.I.
2. The seniority among the incumbents of a post in ;a grade is governed by the __________ .
3. The staff who get their cases recommended for change of category on medical grounds will be treated as _____________.
4. The criterion for determination of seniority of a direct recruit should be __________.
5. The criterion for determination of seniority of a promotee should be _______.
6. When the dates of entry into a grade of the promotees and direct recruits are the same, they should be put in ________ positions, the promotees being senior to the direct recruits.
7. In case training period is curtailed, the date of joining the working post in case of direct recruit shall be _____________.
8. The seniority of the candidates recruited through RRB and sent for initial training is to be fixed in the order of __________.
9. In case no initial training is prescribed, the seniority of the candidates recruited through RRB is fixed in the order of ______.
10. When two or more candidates are declared of the equal merit at one and the same examination, their relative seniority is determined by the _______.
11. In case date of birth becomes the criterion for determining the seniority, the ________candidate becomes the senior.
12. In case of mutual transfer to a different seniority unit, their seniority is based on the ____________ of the railway servant with whom they have exchanged, which ever of the two may be lower.
13. In case of transfer to a different seniority unit in the interest of administration, the seniority is regulated by ______
14. The Railway servants transferred at their own request from one seniority unit to another shall be placed ________ the existing confirmed, temporary and officiating Railway servants in the __________ grade.
15. Transfer at own request to a different seniority unit is permitted if there is ________.
16. Transfer on request shall not be allowed in _________ grades in which all posts are filled entirely by promotion of staff from lower grades.
17. When dates of appointment to a grade is the same, __________ shall determine the seniority.
18. In case the dates of entry into grade next below that in which the seniority is being determined also coincide, the dates of entry into each of the _________ shall determine the seniority.
19. If the dates of entry in each of the lower grades in the channel also are identical, then the __________ shall determine the seniority.
20. The relative seniority of the Railway servants passing the examination/test in their due turn and on the same date shall be determined with reference to their ______ .
21. When a post is filled by considering staff of different seniority units, the total length of continuous service in the ______ or ________ grade held by the employees shall be the determining factor for assigning seniority.
22. While deciding the relative seniority of employee in an intermediate grade belonging to different seniority units, _________ service only should be taken into account.
23. Non fortuitous service means the service rendered after the date of ________ after _________.
24. In case the seniority lists cannot be conveniently arranged for perusal by the concerned Railway servants, they may be informed of their position in the seniority list on ________.
25. Staff concerned may be allowed to represent about the assignment of their seniority position within a period of ________ after the publishing of the seniority list.
26.  The seniority of the medically decategorised staff will be fixed with reference to the __________.
28. Reduction in pay __________ affect a Railway servants position on the seniority list. (Choose correct answer does or does not)
29. If the period of reduction to a lower service, grade or post is not specified in the order imposing the penalty, the person loses his ___________ in the higher service, grade or post.
30.The seniority of a Railway servant, who is reduced to a lower service, grade or post for an unspecified period, should be determined by ________ without regard to the service rendered by him in such service, grade or post.
Say True or False

1. Sr. Clerks in scale Rs. 4500-7000 and Stenos in scale Rs. 4000-6000 are treated on par for the purpose of preparing integrated seniority for Welfare Inspectors.

2. Where staff is appointed to Railway service below the prescribed minimum age limit, underage service will also count for purpose of seniority.

3. Railway servants may be permitted to see the seniority list in which their names are placed.

4. Grant of pay higher than initial pay shuld not confer on a Railway servant seniority above those who are already appointed regularly.

5. No cases of revision in seniority lists should be entertained beyond one year.

B. Descriptive:
1.How seniority of a Non-gazetted employee is fixed:
(a) on appointment through RRB where there is no training.
(b) On absorption after initial training.
(c) Transfer on administrative grounds.
(d) Transfer on request.
(e) On transfer to another post on medical decategorisation.
(f) On transfer to another post on surplus account.
(g) On mutual exchange with another employee in other unit.
2. What is the significance of a Seniority List? What are the general rules for drawl and circulation of seniority lists?
3. Write short notes on:
(i) inter se seniority (ii) integrated seniority (iii) Fortuitous service